July 11




Solai strives to comply with all relevant tax rules and regulations, and therefore to pay an appropriate amount of tax, in the countries where we operate. The UK Group tax strategy for the year ending 31st December 2023 is outlined below:

Tax Strategy Ownership

The tax strategy is approved by the Board each year and owned by the Board.

The Senior Accounting Officer is responsible for ensuring that policies and procedures are in place to ensure effective tax governance. Senior personnel with the appropriate skills and experience are involved in key tax decisions.

Attitude towards risk and tax planning

The Group aims to maintain a low-risk rating with HMRC and is committed to a tax strategy that is consistent with the following objectives: –

  • Complying with applicable tax laws, rules, regulations and reporting requirements.
  • Ensure that the Group tax strategy is consistent with the Group’s overall business strategy such that key business decisions are made with awareness of the tax consequences.
  • Use all incentives and reliefs available to optimise the after-tax returns of the group and to ensure that the businesses pay taxes that are legally due.
  • There may be circumstances where alternative interpretation of the legislation may result in different outcomes. We will use our best judgement for selecting the appropriate course of action.
  •  We do not undertake planning for purposes that are knowingly against the intent or spirit of the legislation.

Governance and Risk Management

The Board is responsible for the management of tax risk with delegation to the Senior Accounting Officer for the appropriate accounting processes and controls. The Group seeks to reduce the level of tax risk by having regular discussions with external advisors so that any identified risks and opportunities are addressed to ensure compliance with the Group tax strategy.  Further, external auditors provide an opinion on the annual accounts which includes tax amounts and disclosures.


The Group aims for the compliance to be timely and accurate and to include sufficient detail to enable the Revenue Authorities to form an accurate view of the Group’s affairs.

Relationship with the tax authority

The Group is committed to working with HMRC in a transparent and collaborative fashion at all times. This may involve approaching HMRC proactively to gain certainty on tax positions that are material to our operations in the UK. In addition, we are committed to making accurate, fair and timely disclosures to the UK tax authorities as and when required.

The publication of this UK tax strategy statement relates to the year ending 31st December 2023 and is regarded as satisfying the statutory obligation in Para 19(2), Schedule 19, Finance Act 2016.